SIRUI 50mm F1.8 anamorphic Lens 1.33x - E-Mount


Description SIRUI 50mm anamorphic Lens – the way of becoming a cinematographer The new SIRUI anamorphic lens creates an image circle large enough to cover APS-C sensors. Since the field of view is anamorphic, it is wider than any other conventional 50mm lenses. It enlarges the horizontal field of view by up to 33% to achieve a FOV equivalent of an APS-C 37.5mm lens. With sensor setting of 16:9, the result image comes in a 2.4:1 widescreen aspect ratio. This SIRUI lens has the typical characteristics of a true anamorphic cinema lens: backlight effects, lens flare effects as well as oval bokeh. The lens is designed with manual focusing. - Lens structure: 11 Elements in 8 Groups - Focal length: 50mm (35mm equivalent focal length: 75mm) - Sensor format: up to APS-C - Aperture blades: 10 - Aperture: f/1.8 - f/16 - Shooting distance: 0.85m-∞ - Focus method: Manual focusing - Max. magnification: 1:15.38 (V), 1:20.17 (H) - Filter spec: M67 x 0.75 - Rotation angle of the focus ring: 143.6° - Max. diameter: 68.2mm/2.72inches - Diameter of the focus ring: 61.7mm/2.43inches - Total length (without lens cap): approx. 106.6mm/4.20inches - Weight: approx. 560g/1.23lbs - Lens mount: Sony E-Mount
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