PDMOVIE Remote Air 4 Single Motor Wireless


he Remote Air 4 Single Motor Wireless Lens Control Kit is in the PD Movie family of wireless lens controllers and motors. It includes a single wireless receiving motor, and it comes with two different handwheels: one for Wi-Fi with a 328' range, and the other for Bluetooth with a more modest 33' range. The system supports 20 channels, so you can find clean communication between controller and motor, even when using multiple motors in a FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) setup. The included motor is a receiver motor, that has a built-in wireless antenna and power port. This motor features a cine-style drive gear with 0.8 MOD and can drive either focus, iris, or zoom on a lens with cine-style gears. If you need to drive more than one lens ring, you will need an additional motor, but you can use one without the wireless receiver as you can daisy chain motors together. The calibration procedure has been simplified and you can calibrate lenses with or without hardstops. Built-in OLED screens on the motor and handwheel provide clear information on the state of your system. The motor is designed and built in Germany
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