3G / Dual-Link ready for monitoring of 60 frames/2.97Gbit per second uncompressed 1080p digital video input signals: SMPTE 424M/425M/372M. Native 1920 x 1200 IPS (In-plane Panel Switching) LCD Panel offers wide viewing angle of 178°/178° with minimal color change from different viewing angles. Panel provides 1:1 monitoring of 1920 x 1080 signals while providing metering and status above or below the active picture area. Ultra High Resolution Waveform Monitor with adjustable over-level indicator function. High quality Vectorscope allows checking of color hue and saturation. Digital Closed Captioning Decoder built in. 10-Bit 4:4:4 Video Processing for superior image gradation, advanced directional interpolation in eliminating edge artifacts, and pixel-based motion adaptive de-interlacing. Ultra-Low Latency Circuitry (< 1 frame) for lip-sync accuracy. Twelve Channel Embedded Audio Metering Display with Peak Hold viewable above or below active picture area. HD/SD SDI Embedded Time Code On-Screen Display Ergonomic Front-Panel Precision Rotary Controls. 1080/24psf Signal Capability Full Screen Mode for SD 4:3 signals Versatile connectivity HD/SD SDI (x2 In, x1 Switched Out), Component/RGB and Composite Video Input and Output DVI-D (HDCP Video and PC) Input Audio inputs with built-in speakers ASCII Code Input for Source ID RS-232C, RS-485 (RJ-45 In and Out) and Make/Trigger (RJ-45 In) External Control Connections Computer Automated Calibration Capability of Black Level, White Level, Color Temperature and Gamma for mission-critical monitor matching. FREE calibration software download: http://pro.jvc.com/calibrate/
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